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Transform your life
and your sleep through
proven evidence-base

Tailored services
to your needs


Corporate Services Overview

Wellness programs with effective participation led to employees having higher performance ratings, higher job satisfaction, higher intention to stay, and lower turnover. A recent Harvard Study found that insomnia leads to the loss of 11.3 days’ worth of productivity each calendar year.

Through years of experience, my webinars and workshops have been fine tuned to elicit the highest possible level of interest, engagement and leave participants inspired to take action in their lives to improve and protect their health through positive lifestyle change.

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1. 60-90 min Live Webinars 

Webinars are designed to meet the client needs and take into account the desired outcomes of the client, the audience, and the culture and ethos of the organisation. They can also be recorded and are supported with notes and supporting materials. 

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Harnessing the Superpower
of Sleep

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Manage Sleep, Anxiety
& Stress

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The Pillars of Health: Sleep, Nutrition & Exercise

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The Racing Mind -Techniques & Strategies for Calmness

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Sleep & Nutrition for
Shift Work

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Sleep, Menopause & Female Hormonal Health

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2. One-to-One Consultations
(min. half day booking)

I provide half and full day private consultations lasting 30-minutes per person where people can discuss their issues in a confidential and private manner. You can block book these sessions which can be delivered online or in person.

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3. Four Week Sleep & Health Intervention

This intervention covers all aspects of Sleep and Health covering things like technology, stress, anxiety, exercise, work-life balance, nutrition and children can influence our sleep. It gives participants a proven framework to find balance and make lasting powerful change that ultimately enhance and protect their health. 

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4. PSQI Sleep Assessment

 A validated and accurate assessment of the nature of sleep issues giving the organisation a benchmark of where people are and how they can improve all aspects of their sleep architecture.

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5. Online Sleep Courses

Full access to a host of online sleep courses and materials covering topics from Health, Stress, Shift Work and Lifestyle. These courses are housed on a state-of-the-art E-Learning platform and can even be exported onto your internal LMS. 

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Tom was has worked with



“Thank you for the session – it was very interesting, and we already got great feedback from the participants. We have been delighted with the turnout and engagement.”

Lena Kierdelewicz



Engagement & Wellness Lead


"Lovely session. Tom absolutely exceeded all expectations.

We are very happy about the content and the outcomes of Tom's Intervention."

Amichay Gonen



Senior Relationship Manager 


“Tom's seminar on "How to Harness the Power of Sleep" attracted a large online attendance of our members. He is informative, practical and most importantly, soothing and sleep inducing!"

Gill Brennan

Coelics Society of Ireland



Find out more.

I offer packages for a variety of needs. All of my coaching sessions are flexible and fully customizable depending on the circumstances and experiences of each specific client. Find out what type of sessions is the best choice to help you manage the challenges in your life. Write me so we can come up with your personalized intervention package together.

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